Visit Showrooms for Free!


Visit Showrooms for Free!

Visit Showrooms for Free!

There are quite a few showrooms in Tokyo and you can visit there for free. Let me introduce some.

Automobile showroom called MEGA WEB is operated by Toyota. You can ride, play, and learn about automobiles at the same time. There are three sections in the showroom, TOYOTA CITY SHOWCASE, HISTORY GARAGE, and RIDE STUDIO.

At TOYOTA CITY SHOWCASE, about 80 newest TOYOTA cars are displayed. If you have an International Driving Permit, you can try driving with your favorite TOYOTA car for only 300JPY! Also, you can learn TOYOTA's technologies in the fields of hybrid, safety, and environment. On the 2nd floor, you can play Paralympic sports such as boccia, wheelchair basketball, and floor hockey.

At HISTORY GARAGE, you can see many historic cars (mainly 50's~70's) from all over the world. In addition, actual cars and model cars used in motorsports are also displayed here. There is a cafe that sells models of racing cars, so you can see and consider buying which one with a cup of coffee.

At RIDE STUDIO, several types of driving experience are waiting for you. You can drive an electric go-cart at an outside course at E-KART RIDE, drive with your children at INDOOR RIDE ONE, and give your pre-school children an opportunity to drive by himself/herself at PETIT RIDE ONE.

for further information, let's check their official website!

If you are an electronics freak, try Ginza Sony Park. Regularly several programs featuring their technologies are held there.

These showrooms are enjoyable for anyone, from young people to elder people. So why don't you stop by there with your family, friends, or partner when you visit Japan by joining our tour?

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