Voice Activated Translator Commercial


Revolutionary New Device

Japan has no shortage of awesome gadgets. From washlets to fighting robots, there isn't a lack of awe-inspiring inventions. Right now, Logbar, a tech start up in Japan, has created an awesome, pocket sized, wearable translator gadget. Perfect with the 2020 Olympics around the corner. How does it work? You speak into device in English, and the device responds with an accurate Japanese translation to your statement.

The flaw to this brilliant device? Awful advertisement.

The Commercial

The ad focuses on a British man by the name of Dean who goes around Japan trying to kiss random girls.

The commercial focuses on breaking language barriers, and that we are progressing into a world where communication is made easier thanks to tech like ili. Be that as it may, the commercial is facing heavy backlash from the public, viewing the ad as crass, rude, or ruins an otherwise great product.

Pros to the Device

Pros to the Device

While the device is under criticism for the advertisement, there are also some concerns as to how well the translator will actually work when released later this year. However, granted the device operates with the same level of translations presented in the commercial, this translator could revolutionize tourism in Japan permanently. This allows for people with zero Japanese speaking skills to order food, ask for directions, or get help while on vacation. This device is a traveler's dream, eliminating one of the most daunting issues presented when going to a foreign country. If Logbar can release their product this year with the same accuracy as their cringe worthy commercial, the product will be well worth for anyone considering foreign travel.

Will ili be a Success?

While the ili translator may be under fire for a lousy commercial, there is a good chance that this device will see regular use in the future. Given the massive rise of tourism into Japan over the last year, the ili could see great use in the tourism industry. Tour services could utilize this product, gaining better reach on tours being able to accommodate for English speakers. There are many translating devices that already exist, but those devices do not show the level of fluency and ease that ili has. However, with only one commercial and no product to test, it will be a while before we see if ili will become a staple item to pack for your next vacation.

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