A couples Itinerary for Japan


Cliches or Classics?

Cliches or Classics?

Well, with Valentine's Day coming up soon, why not surprise your S/O (Significant Other, not Supervising Officer. . . Though if that's one and the same then, okay) with a spontaneous, trip to Japan? Okay the likelihood of that happening is probably pretty slim, but if you do plan on taking that special someone to Japan sometime soon, try adding these stops to your itinerary!

Note: Many of these locations work as a single person, in a group, or whatever, but they may be the perfect place to take the one you love

Theme Parks

The big opener, the most couple-y thing almost anyone can do, going to a theme park. Well, as much as this falls under a cliche, Japan does it right. I break down your theme park choices into 3 options, all with their unique merits.

1) First up, we have the perfect place for the those college student travelers to engaged couples alike, Tokyo DisneySea! One of the most popular theme parks in Japan and created for older visitors, this park is the perfect place for the Disney fan looking to take super adorable pictures, ride great roller coasters, and get caught up in the magic.

2) For the fans of Anime and Japanese culture seeking thrills and fun in a once-in-a-lifetime experience, you can't go wrong with Universal Studios Japan. Keep in mind, from Jan 15th until June 26th, USJ has the "Cool Japan" motif, making the rides and attractions a rare opportunity you won't want to pass up on.

3) Of course, why not try a theme park exclusive to Japan? With Japan's unique selection of theme parks across the country, have fun with your S/O in worlds you'd never imagine.



Wait, don't we already go to these places regardless of our relationship statuses. . . statusi. . . statuses, er, whatever. The point is, not all temples and shrines will give you and your S/O that tingly "I love you" feeling. Here are a few places that will be the perfect backdrop for a couples photo in Japan. And yeah, unlike the classics listed above, these definitely feel more cliche. But hey, cliche isn't a bad thing

1) Kenrokuen Garden or really any Japanese garden is the right balance of natural beauty and light for a great couple photo. A beautiful sight, surely to be enhanced by the presence of your S/O.

2)Kinkaku-ji Golden Pavilion in Kyoto may be a stop everyone has to go to, but there are great reasons for this. For starters, it's a golden temple. It looks incredible, making a great profile pic with you and your love. Kyoto is filled with great places to go, like the Bamboo Path of Arashiyama for photos, a must for couples!

3)My final spot on this list: Meoto Iwa, commonly known as "the married couple rocks". I don't think I need to continue with this explanation, right?



In all honesty, I feel no matter where you take someone, being in Japan will provide for a lot of fun. However, if I were in a relationship taking my S/O to Japan, these 3 places are the first to come to mind:

1)Kyoto: I picked Kyoto for many personal and also objective reasons. From the personal side: my dad's from Kyoto, I love historic Japanese buildings and Kyoto is filled with them. From the Objective: Kyoto is filled with so much awesome stuff to see, ryokans to stay at, great shopping districts too, there's almost everything you need.

2)Tokyo. Coming as a shock to no one, Tokyo has it all. Shrines and great quiet places for photo ops, a thriving metropolitan city with fun nightlife (I recommend an all-you-can-drink bar), shopping, history, it's all there.

3)Okinawa. I place Okinawa on this list because it's reminiscent to another tropical paradise people love. To make the analogy, Hawaii is to the United States as Okinawa is to Japan. A beautiful place to go for a few days while in Japan to kick back, eat unique food, and work on that couples tan.

And there you have it, of course you can try a different itinerary or take a Private Japan tour with your S/O to see everything. Either way, fun awaits in Japan!

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