PASMO for Tourists


Tourist Edition PASMO

Beginning November 17th, 2015, Tokyo Metro will begin selling special edition PASMO cards for tourists. These PASMO cards will work exactly like regular PASMO cards, with the added appeal of being a special souvenir for tourists to keep after their trip, or reuse if they every decide to return to Japan. PASMO cards can be used in place of buying tickets at train stations, using the bus, or even buying everyday items at local convenience stores. PASMO cards have become a very useful tool for everyday life in Japan, get yourself a special edition card for your next Japan tour!

Card Details:
-Includes PASMO Card and mounting card set for 3000 Yen (Tax Included).
-Sold Between: Nov 17th,2015-March 31st, 2016 at Haneda Airport and Narita Airport while supplies last
-Can only be purchased from someone who is a tourist to Japan (must show passport to verify)
-Included is a complimentary coupon book to be used throughout Tokyo
-This PASMO card differs in design only. There is no difference in its use or function compared to other PASMO cards.
Tourist Edition PASMO
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