The Essentials when in Japan


Somethings you just Have to do

Somethings you just Have to do

I know everyone has their own preference when it comes to what you HAVE to do while in Japan, and of course, I’m no different. Whenever I’m in Japan, I MUST go to Mos Burger and wolf down a couple of those bad boys, while my brother LOVES eating the local food in Kobe’s Chinatown. After asking our staff, some friends, and from personal experiences, here is a list of Essential Must Do things to try out whilst vacationing or taking a tour of Japan.

PS. We decided to keep this list to be more general, so not too many specific cities or landmarks will be mentioned!

The List

  1. Eat at Mos Burger
  2. A popular hamburger chain in Japan to the extent that Japan Airlines began serving their burgers on select flights. Really any Japanese fast food is worth trying. (note: it's also fun going to American chains in Japan and ordering things you can only get in Japan)
  3. Visit at least one of Kyoto’s many historic sites
  4. With so many to choose, you can’t go wrong. My personal favorite is Kinkakuji (A spot loved on our Japan Tours)
  5. Spend the Night at a Ryokan
  6. A traditional Japanese style inn which makes for an awesome experience.
  7. Spend time at an Onsen
  8. Just be sure to follow proper Onsen etiquette
  9. Eat at a standing Ramen place (or any ramen for that matter)
  10. Eat at a Revolving Sushi place
  11. Shop at UNIQLO
  12. While UNIQLO has found great success here in the states, the UNIQLO's in Japan have styles you won’t find anywhere else
  13. See the Cherry Blossoms
  14. If you don’t know when, you can always view them on our Cherry Blossom Japan tours!
  15. Get a drink at a maid, cat, owl, etc. café
  16. Visit a Japanese Garden
  17. Shop at a 100 Yen Store
  18. Yes there are more Daiso’s popping up every day, but a 100 yen store in Japan has so much more than you could imagine.
  19. Explore a Japanese Department store
  20. Buy drinks from a Japanese vending machine
  21. Shop at a Konbini
  22. Spend the night in a Capsule hotel
  23. Ride a Bullet Train
  24. Eat at an Izakaya
  25. Explore temples, castles, and shrines
  26. Sing at a Karaoke place with Nomihoudai
  27. Who doesn’t want to sing with free drinks all night long?
  28. Take some photos at a Purikura machine
  29. Eat Okonomiyaki, Takoyaki, or Yakitori
  30. Really any Japanese food in Japan is going to be an experience.
  31. Speaking of which, go to a place where you order from a vending machine
  32. You put in the money, get a ticket, hand it to the worker, and get served something delicious
  33. Light fireworks
  34. Unlike the United States, you can actually buy and light fireworks whenever, though it is usually done only in the summer months.
  35. Shop at Don Quijote
  36. A Japanese chain store, there is so much to see, you're bound to spend a lot of time getting lost looking through all that they have.
  37. Snack on Japan only/exclusive candies and soft drinks
  38. The amount of options in Japan are unreal.
  39. Eat soft-serve ice cream
  40. There are tons of options in Kyoto and it is always, always worth those calories.
  41. See a Japanese Festival
  42. Eat whatever local specialty is available
  43. Plan on gaining a couple pounds after this trip, the food is worth it
  44. And of course, take a bunch of photos

These plates were only 158 yen each. Delicious time at a revolving sushi bar!

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