Taro's Japan Tour Adventures: Pokemon Donuts!


Pokemon Donuts are TOO Cute

Pokemon Donuts are TOO Cute

During a recent trip in Japan, I was pretty fortunate to enjoy all kind of amazing experiences (re: Harajuku Crepes & Gachapon). Still, going on a Japan tour really takes a toll on this bear, so I decided before my flight home to California, I should grab a quick bite before I board my flight. I got pretty lucky and managed to get the new Pokemon donuts offered between the Pokemon Company and Japan's Mister Donuts!

While I finished the Pikachu Donuts without thinking (it was delicious by-the-way!), I was able to resist my urges long enough to snap a shot of myself with the Pokeball donuts. The icing was perfectly applied for a great sweet taste that wasn't overly sweet. There was more than just donuts to pick from thankfully, so I grabbed a coffee cup with Pikachu and Eevee designs placed carefully on the sides so I can always remember this lucky find whenever I feel like a spot of tea or coffee. Yay!

This isn't the first time the Pokemon company has done a collab, and I'm pretty sure it isn't the last. One of the best things about living in the United States is getting so excited over finding and trying these collabs. For example, the Pokemon Company teamed up with McDonald's Japan to launch a special line of Pikachu McFlurry's (chocolate banana never looked so cute). It's not even an exclusive Pokemon-thing to do collabs. Some companies like: Sanrio & Hello Kitty, Kit-Kat, and Tokyo Banana feature collaborations with other companies to create crazy limited-time goods. I can't wait to go back next time and maybe find a Pikachu X Apple iPhone Charger or maybe a Charizard BBQ Grill (because who wouldn't want to say they cooked a stake on Charizard's tail?)

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