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Kyoto Gion Festival Tours

The Gion Festival is one of Japan's most famous Matsuris, attracting hundreds of thousands yearly. Enjoy a Japan Tour package during Kyoto's most popular festival for an unforgettable summer journey.

Perfect Family Vacation of your life time

Bright color lanterns, music in the air, dancing in the street, and food vendors on every corner: it points to festival time. Gion Festival stretches for the month of July, climaxing with a parade of 32 floats that can measure up to 25 feet tall, weighting 12 tons. It is easily consider the largest and best festival in Japan. It is a great cultural experience to see people wearing traditional yukata, listening to folk music, and sampling the variety of food.

The Gorgeous Gion Festival

Held throughout the month of July, the Kyoto Gion Festival is by far Japan's most famous festival. Drawing in hundreds of thousands of international & domestic tourists to the Kyoto Gion Geisha District, marvel at the decorative floats and gorgeous Geisha gracing the streets of Kyoto.

Spectacular Spirited Summer

While temperatures can heat up a bit, wearing a yukata and exploring a Japanese festival is a must during Japan's summer. Summer festivals are famous for festival games like gold-fish scooping, and are lined with lively yatai food booths featuring snacks like yakisoba or takoyaki.

Encounter Traditional Japan

Dive into Japanese culture during your vacation with priceless experiences packed onto your tour. Dine with a geisha apprentice, partake in an authentic green tea ceremony, learn about the national drink with a visit to a sake museum, and more for a unique look into Japanese culture & its traditions.

Significant Sights Steeped in History

From Kyoto's dazzling Golden Pavilion and endless red gates of Fushimi Inari Shrine to Tokyo's Sensoji Temple, Japan Deluxe Tours includes a dynamic blend of must-see attractions with the hidden-spots only the locals know for an authentic look & feel of Japan.

World's Greatest Guides at your Side

Travel worry-free with Japan Deluxe Tours planning your vacation from start to finish. We take pride in providing guests with the best tour guides in all Japan. Don't just take our word for it, see our reviews from hundreds of satisfied customers. Enjoy peace of mind in Japan with the country's top tour guides.

Don't Wait & Get an Instant Quote Now

Some travel agencies may have you fill out tour application forms before providing prices, Japan Deluxe Tours knows your time is valuable. That's why we offer instant quotes on all of our tour packages. With plenty of vacation deals & specials, book your dream holiday in Japan without breaking the bank.

Kyoto Gion Festival Summer Tours

Japan Festival Tours

Kyoto Gion Festival 8 Days

The Most Famous Festival in Japan

8 Days 4 Cities   from $3098.4

from Tokyo to Osaka (Kyoto)

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Japan Festival Tours

Kyoto Gion Festival 10 Days

Thousands of Years of History

10 Days 7 Cities   from $3698.4

from Tokyo to Hiroshima

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Best of Japan Festivals

Best of Japan Gion Festival 10 Day Vacation

Enjoy Kyoto's Finest Japanese Festival

10 Days 7 Cities  

from Hiroshima to Tokyo

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Cosplay & Anime | Kyoto Gion Festival Tours

Summer Anime Tours

Kyoto Gion Festival with Anime

Traditional Summer Festival and Anime

9 Days 4 Cities   from $3198.4

from Tokyo to Osaka (Kyoto)

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Summer Anime Tours

Kyoto Gion Festival | Hiroshima & Anime

Summer Festival, Hiroshima & Anime

11 Days 7 Cities   from $3798.4

from Tokyo to Hiroshima

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Best of Japan Culture

Best of Japan Gion & Anime 11 Day Journey

Japanese Festival, Cosplay, & More!

11 Days 7 Cities  

from Hiroshima to Tokyo

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