Maiko Dining Experience


Maiko Show in Kyoto with Top Local Cuisine

Maiko Show in Kyoto with Top Local Cuisine

For most travelers in Japan, meeting a Geisha is on the top of our tourists' bucket lists in Kyoto. With their porcelain make-up and brilliant traditional Japanese kimono, the Geisha of Japan evoke a mysterious allure with their charming presence.

Travelers aware of Japanese geisha history know the entertainers were once exclusively available to the wealthy & influential, but a geisha show is an absolute must to better understand Japan's traditions and the Japanese people.

Japan Deluxe Tours is proud to announce we've hand-selected and arranged a private session with a Maiko (Geisha Apprentice) exclusively for our small group tour members. Enjoy your holiday in Japan with a delightful meal of seasonal Japanese foods with this immersive experience in traditional Japanese culture.

Kaiseki, Kyoto Cuisine

              & Making Tofu Experience

Your Maiko dining experience will include a traditional Japanese Kaiseki cuisine in Kyoto. Dating back to the Meiji Era, the 300-year old mansion boasts a spacious Japanese garden, adding a sense of refinement and luxury. The meal is presented as a Japanese art, showcasing the refined and delicate nature of Kaiseki cuisine. The dedication to detail is evident, providing travelers a sense of wabi-sabi through Japan's spirit of hospitality.

Maiko Performance

Learn about Japanese customs while mesmerized by the graceful dancing performed by the breathtaking Maiko.

Immerse yourself in Japan's traditional entertainment as you watch the delicate movements to the harmonious melodies of Japanese instruments blended with the precise use of Japanese arts and crafts.

The bewitching show is perfect before your Kaiseki cuisine dinner featuring seasonal Japanese foods & flavors.

Photo Time

          Take photos Together with the Maiko

Taking photos with a Maiko outside of their scheduled appointments is nearly impossible. Don’t miss your chance to take a photo of your Geisha experience during your vacation's special private session. It's the perfect way to commemorate your holidays in Japan.

Speak to Maiko

        & Ask her questions while enjoying dinner

Take the rare opportunity to interact and talk with the Maiko during your dinner.

While Maiko or Geisha may seem intimidating with all the history behind their tradition and training, they are more than happy to talk and answer questions you may have. Perhaps you will get to learn about their day to day lives or what their training is like.

Play Party Games

         & Ozashiki Game "Konpira Funefune"

Oftentimes, guests will engage in a variety of party games with the Maiko, keeping the fun going. Games are simple and easy enough to play where you will not need to worry about language barriers. Examples of games played are a variation of the classic rock-paper-scissors and a simple rhythm game shown in the video below.

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Gion-Geisha District

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