Jinrikisha Ride Experience


Unique Vantage Point through Traditional Japan

Unique Vantage Point through Traditional Japan

Sit back and unwind while your tour guide navigates you on a thrilling ride through the sites of traditional Kyoto's iconic Japanese culture. Pass through the charming bamboo forest of Arashiyama, maybe see a Geisha cross the breathtaking Togetsukyo Bridge, spot cherry blossoms along Mt. Arashi's gorgeous river in Spring, and enjoy the preserved atmosphere of Japanese cultures and crafts while exploring the rustic streets of Kyoto during a comfortable Kyoto rikisha ride.

Our guided tours & holiday deals include hand-selected locations and can't miss Japanese experiences for all travelers to enjoy. Dine with a Maiko (Geisha), partake in a traditional Tea Ceremony, relax in the hot-springs, and more during your Kyoto vacation.


              -Hand-Pulled Rickshaw-

Believed to have originated in Japan, rickshaws were the preferred mode of transportation until the introduction of trains and automobiles, making them a quintessential part of traditional Japanese culture. Experience this unique ride firsthand through the local streets of Kyoto and beautiful bamboo grove.


              -Charismatic Rikshaw Pullers-

The Shafu are strong, knowledgeable rikisha pullers who also act as your guide during your ride through the local area. An emphasis on a safe and comfortable ride all the while providing an exciting and informative experience is their top priority. Service is also of great importance to them and will make every effort to make sure you are enjoying your time such as providing blankets for you to use. The shafus are proficient in languages outside of English as well, a nice touch to accommodate travelers regardless of where they are from.



Arashiyama Bamboo Grove

              -Therapeutic scenery-

During your jinrikisha ride, find your zen as you travel through the Arashiyama Bamboo Forest. While Arashiyama is a hotspot for tourists, we have specifically arranged your ride to occur outside of peak times on a more secluded path, meaning you will truly get to experience the serene and quiet nature of the forest.



Traditional Scenery

              -Find Classic Japan-

Togetsukyo Bridge is a fitting stop along the way as an iconic landmark of Kyoto that embodies the traditional Japanese artistic aesthetic. Built in 836 during the Heian period, the bridge is seeped with over a thousand years’ worth of history. The bridge and its surroundings offer spectacular scenery, particularly during the spring cherry blossoms and fall foliage. Your shafu will be more than willing to snap a picture of you with the bridge to commemorate your visit.

Photo Session

              -Vacations to Remember-

No vacation is complete without having pictures to show for it. Your shafu will be more than happy to take photos of your ride with your camera for you to keep the memories forever. Using your phone’s Panoramic Mode, you will have a truly unique and spectacular photo of yourself with the bamboo forest that will leave your family and friends in awe.

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