Maiko Dining Experience


Experience Kyoto's Maiko Show and Savor Fine Local Cuisine

Experience Kyoto's Maiko Show and Savor Fine Local Cuisine


For many visitors to Japan, encountering a Geisha tops their Kyoto bucket list. These captivating figures, adorned with traditional kimonos and porcelain makeup, embody Japan's mysterious allure.

Those familiar with Geisha history understand that these entertainers were once reserved for the elite, making a Geisha show essential for grasping Japanese traditions and culture.

Japan Deluxe Tours proudly offers an exclusive Maiko (Geisha Apprentice) private session, handpicked for our small group tour members. Indulge in a delectable meal featuring seasonal Japanese cuisine while immersing yourself in the rich tapestry of Japan's cultural heritage.



Indulge in Kyoto's Kaiseki Cuisine

& Tofu-Making Experience

Immerse yourself in the world of traditional Japanese Kaiseki cuisine in Kyoto during your Maiko dining experience. The 300-year-old mansion, dating back to the Meiji Era, features an elegant Japanese garden, enhancing the atmosphere of sophistication and opulence. Kaiseki meals are presented as works of art, highlighting the refined subtleties of this culinary style. The meticulous attention to detail embodies the spirit of wabi-sabi and showcases Japan's unwavering dedication to hospitality.



Enchanting Maiko Performance

Discover Japanese customs while being captivated by the elegant dance performed by the stunning Maiko.

Delve into Japan's traditional entertainment as you witness the intricate movements harmoniously accompanied by the melodies of Japanese instruments and the masterful use of Japanese arts and crafts.

This mesmerizing show perfectly complements your Kaiseki cuisine dinner, showcasing the finest seasonal Japanese ingredients and flavors.

Capture the Moment

Snap Photos with the Maiko

Securing a photo opportunity with a Maiko outside their scheduled appointments is a rare occurrence. Don't miss the chance to capture your unforgettable Geisha experience during this exclusive private session. It's the ideal memento of your cherished Japanese vacation.

Converse with a Maiko

Ask Questions and Enjoy Your Meal Together

Embrace the exceptional opportunity to engage and speak with the Maiko during your mealtime.

While Maiko or Geisha might appear imposing due to the extensive history and rigorous training associated with their tradition, they are more than willing to converse and address any questions you may have. This interaction could offer insights into their daily lives and the nature of their training.

Enjoy Party Games with Maiko

Experience the Ozashiki Game "Konpira Funefune"

Guests often participate in a range of party games alongside the Maiko, ensuring a lively and entertaining atmosphere. These games are designed to be simple and accessible, so there's no need to worry about language barriers. Some examples of games played include a variation of the classic rock-paper-scissors and a straightforward rhythm game, as demonstrated in the video below.

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Gion-Geisha District

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Kaiseki Ryori

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