Family Restaurant


Famiresu - Chain Restaurants open 24 hours

Famiresu - Chain Restaurants open 24 hours

Japan has many "family restaurants", or "famiresu", which are chain restaurants that are often open 24 hours. Common family restaurants include Jonathan's, Denny's, Gusto, Cocos, etc. These restaurants serve all kinds of food from salads and appetizers to main dishes like hamburgers, curry, steak, udon, and many others, and desserts. The menu is usually quite extensive, covering a great variety of cuisines. The prices can vary, but are usually very affordable, and provide quick service. Most family restaurants are spacious, offering customers the choice of smoking or non-smoking areas.

A popular feature of family restaurants is their drink bars, or all you can drink option for a low price, usually around 300 yen. There is a great variety of drinks available ranging from orange juice, different kinds of soda, coffee, tea, etc. Many of the family restaurants do not have a time limit either, allowing customers to stay for several hours. But one should be mindful not to overstay your welcome. Family restaurants have a friendly environment, allowing for people of all ages to feel comfortable when dining.

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