Farming experience with Locals


The Essence of Rural Japan

Japan’s agriculture has its own unique culture that is not found anywhere else in that it is rare for an everyday person to participate and experience the agricultural life first-hand. This uniqueness comes from the fact that many of the farming techniques used today are derived from or the same as ones used since ancient Japan. The reason for this is that many of the farms are in more remote, rural areas with smaller populations, a stark contrast from the big cities Japan is known for.

The Essence of Rural Japan

Hands-On Farming Experience

Hands-On Farming Experience

Seeing as it is a once in a lifetime experience, we are glad to be able to provide you with the opportunity to partake in the daily life of farmers. Plant, harvest, cook, and eat the ingredients and enjoy a freshly cooked Japanese meal using the freshest, most organic ingredients available. You can also find rare fruits and vegetables that can only be grown in the specific area. Given the lifestyle in rural Japan is much slower and relaxed, we hope you are able to enjoy your time taking in the culture, nature, and meetings with local residents.

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