SEGA Arcade (JDT Recommends)


Arcade Paradise in Akihabara

Arcade Paradise in Akihabara

Club Sega is one of the most popular arcade chains in Tokyo to enjoy. There are multiple locations in Tokyo, with hundreds of games, prizes, and capsule machines to keep both kids and adults entertained for hours. SEGA arcades are typically split into separate sections based on the types of games available, and some feature areas for competition and tournaments for the truly skilled players. Many of the SEGA Arcades have multiple floors, so be sure to do some exploring while you're there!

The arcade has a well stocked UFO-Catcher section and plenty of Taiko games, staples found in all Japanese arcades. While it is a SEGA arcade, there are more than just games from SEGA to keep guests entertained. SEGA arcades constantly update their games to ensure guests an enjoyable visit. There may be different prizes available at different arcades, so it helps to visit more than one during your tour. Some SEGA arcades are beginning to include Virtual Reality to their gaming experience, only adding to the appeal of Japan's arcades. You'll have enough time to visit SEGA arcade while our Anime Japan tours explore the electrifying town of Akihabara!

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